Iranians Shave Their Heads To Protest Alleged Prisoner Abuse

Iranians posted the pictures to a Facebook page using the hashtag, “Proud.”

1. Iranian prison guards reportedly assaulted prisoners in Tehran’s Evin prison during an inspection on April 18, leaving 30 injured, including four seriously, and sparking outrage in Iran among activists and the prisoners’ families.

Iran carried out at least 369 known executions in 2013. At least seven prisoners are reported to have died from torture and neglect in Iran’s prisons since 2009, according to the BBC.

2. Prison authorities denied the allegations and reported that the inspection was routine. On April 22 families of prisoners protested outside President Hassan Rouhani’s house, and on April 24 authorities fired the head of Iran’s prisons.

3. Iranians both inside and outside the country are also posting photos of themselves with shaved heads to a Facebook page, “With Political Prisoners of Elvin’s Section 350,” Radio Free Europe reported.

4. The campaign began after Abdolfatah Soltani, a prominent jailed human rights lawyer who was reportedly among those assaulted in the Evin raid, was pictured online with a shaved head.

The picture was reportedly taken on April 21. Activists reported that guards shaved the heads of some of the inmates to humiliate them after the raid.

5. Iranians posted their photos using the hashtag #سرفراز, Farsi for “proud.”

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