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Unforgettable Pictures By The Award-Winning Photographer Killed In Afghanistan

Anja Niedringhaus, a critically acclaimed photographer for the Associated Press, was fatally shot in Afghanistan. She had covered everything from war to sporting events.

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Award-winning and veteran war photographer Anja Niedringhaus was fatally shot by an Afghan police officer on Friday, April 4, while reporting for the AP in Eastern Afghanistan.

AP Photo/Peter Dejong, File

"She gave herself to the subjects of her lens, and gave her talents to the world, with images of wars' unwitting victims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and beyond," the AP said in an obituary. Niedringhaus, 48 and originally from Germany, was the latest victim of the rising violence in Afghanistan ahead of Saturday's presidential elections. Of her work she told the New York Times in 2011, "I don't believe conflicts have changed since 9/11 other than to become more frequent and protracted. But the essence of the conflict is the same — two sides fighting for territory, for power, for ideologies. And in the middle is the population who is suffering."

AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus, File

A Canadian soldier chases a chicken seconds before he and his unit were attacked by grenades in Salavat, southwest of Kandahar, Afghanistan. Sept. 11, 2010.


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