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  • Mittens

    My cat is awesome in several ways! He is unique cause of how he acts. When Mittens is drinking from his waterbowl, he uses his paw as a spoon to drink with,even tho only his fur gets wet,he still belives he is holding the water! He also dips his paw into the waterbowl to play with the water! He loves to talk to me,and if i don’t give him a kiss when he wants to,he will yell “Ma” and “Ma-ma” alot untill i can’t stand it and kisses him on the forehead,when i do that he goes quiet. He also has a ball that he loves to play with. He kicks it to the stairs and let the ball bounce down the hallway. He runs after and takes it in his mouth while yelling mama and “braaauu” It may look like my cat is nuts by the way he acts,but i still love him and his personality! Besides,he is the cutest cat i’ve ever seen/had:)

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