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16 "Compliments" You Should Stop Giving To Single Women

"How has nobody snatched you up yet?!"

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1. "You're so nice! Why hasn't anyone snatched you up yet?"

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Listen, I get it, but did you ever stop to consider that maybe I'm the one who's not choosing anyone? Being single can be a choice, you know. It's not always something that people are forced to accept.

2. "It must be nice not having anyone telling you what to do."


Okay, this one is absurd. But also, are you in the type of relationship where you and your partner feel like you "own" each other? That doesn't seem healthy.

4. "Women who play hard to get are more interesting for men."


Two things: First, do you think all single women pretend to not like dating in order to manipulate men into being attracted to them? Second, you know not all women want to be liked by men, right?


6. "I envy your lack of responsibilities."


If you're not interested in marriage or having kids, this is something you hear A LOT. Apparently you only truly understand responsibility when you raise a kid. Keeping yourself alive doesn't count.

8. "Men are intimidated by your independence."


Not only is this a non-compliment for women, but it's ALSO not very flattering for men, since you're portraying them as oafs who are incapable of seeing women as human beings who can be their own bosses.


9. "Wow. You've got it easy."


If you think the only problems a woman can have are with her partner, you're wrong. Single women are just as capable of going through tough times, and it can have nothing to do with other people.


16. "I don't know how you do it. I couldn't turn my emotions off like that."


Being single doesn't mean you're incapable of falling in love. In fact, sometimes it means you've got even more love to share with important people like friends and family. <3

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