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    16 "Compliments" You Should Stop Giving To Single Women

    "How has nobody snatched you up yet?!"

    1. "You're so nice! Why hasn't anyone snatched you up yet?"

    2. "It must be nice not having anyone telling you what to do."

    3. "You're so brave."

    4. "Women who play hard to get are more interesting for men."

    5. "But you have so much to offer!"

    6. "I envy your lack of responsibilities."

    7. "It's great that you're waiting for the perfect one."

    8. "Men are intimidated by your independence."

    9. "Wow. You've got it easy."

    10. "Don't worry, you seem like you're handling it well."

    11. "You must party all day and night, right?"

    12. "You're still young. You've got time."

    13. "Don't worry, if you don't have children, you'll have nieces and nephews."

    14. "It's easier to be a single woman than it is to be a single man."

    15. "Well, at least you have a great job."

    16. "I don't know how you do it. I couldn't turn my emotions off like that."

    This post was translated from Spanish.