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    13 Mistakes You're Making If Your Weekends Always Feel Too Short

    Cherish every moment and make every weekend count.

    1. Partying too much.

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    Going out to party is totally fine. Live your life. But when you spend the entire following day in bed with a hangover, it should be pretty obvious where your whole weekend went.

    2. Leaving everything for the last minute.

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    Try to move a few things up during the week so you don't have to do all your errands on Saturday and Sunday. It's tough to get everything done over the weekend, and worse yet, you'll just end up feeling frustrated.

    3. Not disconnecting from work.

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    Don't check your work email, silence your chat, and just stop worrying about work for a couple days. No cheating!

    4. Sleeping too much.

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    By all means, sleep in a little. That's what weekends are for. But try not to overdo it, or you'll throw your whole sleep cycle off. If you don't get to sleep at the usual time on Sunday night, you'll wake up sleepy on Monday.

    5. Not taking advantage of Friday.

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    You may be tired after a long week, but don't forget that the weekend starts on Friday. Don't just run home and jump into bed! You don't have to go out and party or anything, but maybe dinner or a movie or something. Your weekend will feel a lot longer if you include Friday.

    6. Going to the same places.


    If your weekends are all the same, you're going to get bored. That doesn't mean you have to leave your city and go on long trips every weekend. You can try a new restaurant, go to another neighborhood, or visit a friend you never see.

    7. Not making plans.

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    It's nice to improvise, but you run the risk of spending the whole weekend waiting around in your pajamas for something to happen. The only thing worse than too many plans is no plans at all.

    8. Dumping an entire weekend into Netflix.

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    We all love Netflix, and the weekend is the ideal time to catch up with all our favorite shows, but if you do daily eight-hour marathons, you're not going to have time for anything else.

    9. Worrying about Sunday because it's "pre-Monday".

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    Stop counting the hours until you have to go back to work every Sunday evening. Instead, fill your Sunday with fun plans like reading, or seeing a movie, or cooking... whatever you can do that's not sitting around feeling depressed.

    10. Not having a special activity on the weekend.


    If you've got some kind of hobby to keep you busy, your weekends will feel a lot more valuable.

    11. Doing stuff out of obligation.

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    Some required plans are inevitable and unavoidable. But if you get invited to something that you really just don't want to go to... JUST. DON'T. GO. Learn how to say no if you ever want to see your weekends again.

    12. Not taking time for yourself.

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    You have a lot of friends to hang out with, but take some time to be alone, think about things, and spend some time in quiet contemplation for a little while. It'll help you recharge your batteries.

    13. Already thinking about the upcoming week.

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    Forget about it. Stop thinking about Monday and the things you've got coming up. Just focus on the weekend!

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