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21 Life Hacks That Will Actually Make Life More Difficult

What's the opposite of a life hack?

1. If you can't find a bookmark, improvise with ketchup!

2. If you're desperate for your cat's attention, put some googly eyes on the back of its head.

3. A spritz of "no more tangles" hair spray is all it takes to make sure your headphones stay sorted in your pocket.

4. Put toothpaste on your toast to save time getting ready in the morning.

5. Spilled coffee on your khakis? No problem! Just soak the pants in coffee, and the stain will blend right in.

6. If you're strapped for cash, a yellow Post-It note is almost as good as actual cheese on your sandwiches.

7. If you hate walking by a sink full of dirty dishes every day, just take a photo when it's clean and put it on top of the pile so you never have to suffer again.

8. Plug a power strip into itself for a steady supply of clean, unlimited electricity.

9. If you want to bring a couple extra tennis balls to the court next time you play, you can fit more in the container by cutting them in half first.

10. Don't waste money on new socks — it's cheaper to color your toenail in with a permanent marker.

11. This hack is perfect for those times when you want to eat spaghetti in class without disturbing anyone.

12. When your phone gets wet, you're supposed to put it in uncooked rice to draw the moisture out. So, when you make rice with too much water in it, throw a few phones in there!

13. If you need to take the perfect selfie, but you don't have a selfie stick on you, a little masking tape can go a long way.

14. If you ever need to pretend that you're the moon, you can take a photo of yourself through a toilet paper roll to achieve the effect.

15. Bring a padlock with you to dinner to protect your leftovers.

16. Turn a fork into a spoon just with a piece of tape.

17. Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays with these stylish hand-crafted sunglasses:

18. You can avoid tears while cutting onions by wrapping cellophane around your face.

19. Why waste money on an expensive handbag when there are plenty of good half-tires just lying around?

20. Don't throw your old dolls away! Instead, use their hollowed-out heads to make lamps.

21. Looking for a change? Use some inexpensive paint-by-numbers paints to give your phone a facelift.

This post was translated from Spanish.