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14 Stories That Prove This International City Is The Most Haunted Place On Earth

Prepare to be scared.

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1. The Ironed Lady and the Hospital Juárez del Centro:

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This is where the story of "La Planchada," or "the ironed lady" is set: Once upon a time, a nurse named Eulalia always wore a spotless and perfectly ironed uniform. She was very attentive with her patients. As the story goes, she fell in love with a doctor and they were going to get married, but he left her at the altar. She became depressed and later died, and now she haunts the hallways of the hospital in her spotless uniform, caring for new generations of patients.

2. The creepy history of Hotel La Posada del Sol:

There are many rumors surrounding this hotel: According to one rumor, the owner, who unable to finish his project, hung himself on the patio so that the hotel could never be opened. Other versions say that the owner actually died peacefully in his house in the city. At any rate, the hotel is a mystery; on the outside, it looks like a building like any other, but on the inside it has gardens, fountains, an auditorium and rooms (like in the one in the photo), where people supposedly practice witchcraft.

3. The lost souls of The Palacio de Lecumberri:

For more than eighty years, the "palace" was a prison that had to be closed when overpopulation, violence, hunger, and chaos took over. All of the people involved in that time are now supposed to be haunted souls that roam the place, especially one particular man who has supposedly been spotted during the night.

4. The dark history of Callejón del Aguacate:

There are at least eight macabre stories about this alleyway. The most popular (and oldest) tells the story of Lázaro Cárdenas, who hung out here to play with an ouija board and engage in black magic rituals. According to the story, the board once revealed that a great betrayal was coming, and someone else anticipated that event and decided to kill him. Other stories about this alleyway involve children who were brutally murdered and youths who disappeared from this alleyway.


5. A story of hospitality gone wrong in Aunt Toña's house:

According to the story, Aunt Toña used to live in this house. She was a very independent and healthy woman who decided to share her fortune with homeless children that she took in. However, this didn't work out. because her tenants were not kind to her. In her desperation, the woman killed them and threw them into a river so as not to leave any traces. Some people say that it is impossible to approach her house because Toña's ghost continues to prey in the area, but others believe that this is due to the uneven surface in the plot of land, since many accidents have been reported.

6. The enchanted rock at Fuentes Brotantes:

Legend has it that a giant rock (also called "the Devil's rock") here becomes a portal to other worlds on December 24 and 31. Supposedly, when you walk past the rock, a voice calls you and, if you go near, it pulls you in and you can never leave.

7. The creepily self-explanatory Island of the Dolls:

According to the legend, a young lady drowned in this island and Don Julián, the owner of the island, began to experience paranormal events ever since. He decided to protect himself by filling the island with dolls of all kinds... but, at any rate, some years later he also drowned in the same spot. Currently, the island is a tourist attraction, but there are people who claim that the young lady's ghost continues to appear.

8. The horrors of "La Moira" House:

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According to the most popular version of this story, an eight-year old named Marco entered this haunted house but had the biggest scare of his life when he saw a child his age, who had been hanged. He left and tried to forget about what happened, but he couldn't, so several years later he returned, only that this time he couldn't leave and also hanged himself.


9. The haunted house of Doña Francisca:

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Over 500 years ago, Doña Felipa and her son Domingo lived peacefully in this house until he decided to marry Francisca, a woman whom his mother did not approve of. To get rid of her, Felipa hired a witch to perform a spell that she put inside Francisca's pillow. Francisca died six months later. The groom was drowned in sorrow, and one night, while he was lying in his wife's bed, she appeared as a ghost to warn him about the spell.

11. The murder by Don Juan Manuel's House:

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This house in the historical center of the city was inhabited by Don Manuel, a man who sold his soul to the devil in order to learn the name of the man with whom his wife was having an affair. The devil told him to leave the house at 11 p.m. and kill the first man he saw, which would be his wife's lover. Don Manuel did as he was told, but he killed the wrong person. So now, that victim reappears every night at the same time, in the same place, by the house.


13. The Witch's House:

This building in the Roma neighborhood, in addition to its incredible architecture, has severally supposedly paranormal stories, including one of a famous witch who lived there and socialized with celebrities and famous politicians.

14. And finally, the wandering nun at Café de Tacuba:

This café was founded in 1912 in the site of an old nunnery. Some diners and employees claim that there is a shadow that wanders around the tables and, sometimes, even in the kitchen. Those who believe in the paranormal think that it is a nun who was cloistered in the nunnery to prevent her from doing what she loved the most: cooking.

This post was translated from Spanish.