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    14 Stories That Prove This International City Is The Most Haunted Place On Earth

    Prepare to be scared.

    1. The Ironed Lady and the Hospital Juárez del Centro:

    2. The creepy history of Hotel La Posada del Sol:

    3. The lost souls of The Palacio de Lecumberri:

    4. The dark history of Callejón del Aguacate:

    5. A story of hospitality gone wrong in Aunt Toña's house:

    6. The enchanted rock at Fuentes Brotantes:

    7. The creepily self-explanatory Island of the Dolls:

    8. The horrors of "La Moira" House:

    9. The haunted house of Doña Francisca:

    10. The Devil's Alley:

    11. The murder by Don Juan Manuel's House:

    12. The Old Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe:

    13. The Witch's House:

    14. And finally, the wandering nun at Café de Tacuba:

    This post was translated from Spanish.