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    17 Times Your Favorite Movies Brainwashed Women Into Devaluing Their Self-Worth

    Newsflash: We all deserve respect no matter what clothes we have on.

    1. When they taught us that the treatment we get depends on our outfit.

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    Remember how, in Pretty Woman, no one respected the protagonist because of the way she dressed, but when she put on a pretty dress, everything changed? She even finds love! WOW! Newsflash: We all deserve respect no matter what clothes we have on.

    2. When they told us that, to be loved by someone, we have to change our personality.

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    In Grease, Sandy is smart, pretty, and kind, but then she becomes everything she's not just to fit in with a group and be liked by a nasty guy at her school.

    3. When they insinuated that we have to play dumb in order to be loved.

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    Cher, from Clueless, is an exaggeration of the dumb girl stereotype. She's not even dumb, actually, which makes it all the more awful. Having to pretend that she's ignorant just so that she doesn't come across as presumptuous (because no one wants a confident woman, ugh) is just wrong.

    4. When they told us that we working ladies are bitter and that only a man can save us.

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    Sandra Bullock in The Proposal is a successful, empowered woman with a good job who, of course, finds herself in a rough patch and remains bitter until she finds a man to change her life around and make her happy once again. Ugh.

    5. Or when they told us that our decisions were worthless.

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    You decide what your future will be like, you plan it, and you look forward to it, but then a man comes along who wants you FOR HIMSELF and he forces you to change everything. Sure, in Passengers this sounds like a great plan...

    6. Suggesting that women only make important decisions in order to woo a man.


    It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman only pursues a career, shows her intelligence, and triumphs in life when the prize is a man's heart, right? WRONG.

    7. When they told us that women only think about dieting and men.

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    Above all, this guy from What Women Want had the power to read women's minds and decided to use it to...manipulate women even more! :(

    8. When they suggested that emotions ruin relationships.

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    I mean, she does go to great lengths to "ruin the relationship," but one of her biggest mistakes is when she cries...which men also do, by the way.

    9. When they reminded us that, when you're in love, privacy doesn't need to be respected.

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    In fact, in Bridget Jones's Diary, they have barely begun their relationship when Mark decides to read Bridget's diary because, obviously, there's nothing wrong with violating people's privacy. All for love.

    10. When they made us think that all women want to compete with one another.

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    According to this movie, women spend time together just to ruin each other's lives. Well, at the end this is turned around and it shows how wonderful a supportive environment can truly be, but until then, my goodness!

    11. When they told us that the love of a man is more important than our careers.

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    In Parenthood, the guy goes looking for his ex, who's teaching in a school. He interrupts her, sings to her in front of her students, and doesn't let her continue teaching her class. In the movie, this all seems very romantic, but in real life it's like, "Dude, there's a time and a place for everything. I'm working!"

    12. When they told us that we have to care more about men than about our professional success.

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    Because, like in The Devil Wears Prada, being a no-show at your boyfriend's birthday party can make him angry at you because how dare you think that your career is more important than him???

    13. When they believed that a wedding can ruin a life-long friendship.

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    Can you imagine having your wedding on the same day as that of your best friend, by mistake? You wouldn't even think about compromising to be able to celebrate both of your weddings. Competing and ruining each other's lives is obviously the better option.

    14. Or that wonderful time when they made it clear that we only care about how we look.

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    As you can see in She's All That, first, we're objects that you have to catch and change, and second, if we take off our glasses, we become beautiful, someone who's finally worth the time of day. O__O

    15. What about that one time when they let us know that harassment is just lovely?

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    In the wonderful world of Twilight, if someone breaks into your house while you're asleep, this is considered romantic. In the real world, we call the police and say bye bye to the domineering vampire.

    16. That time when they discovered that asking your boyfriend for permission is super romantic.

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    According to Fifty Shades of Grey, your boyfriend knows what's best for you, so letting him control your life can improve your relationship. Aww.

    17. That beautiful moment when they made it clear that if someone threatens to kill himself, he's the love of your life. <3

    New Line Cinema

    In The Notebook, boy meets girl, boy asks girl to go out, girl says no, like, SEVEN times, and, to convince her, boy threatens to kill himself. Super romantic.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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