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    Posted on Dec 21, 2017

    16 Unconventional Christmas Trees To Make Your Season Bright

    People clearly don't know what to do with all their time off around the holidays.

    1. When your Christmas spirit is only matched by your laziness for doing laundry:

    2. When you don't have cash for a tree, but need somewhere for Santa to leave gifts:

    3. And when you insist that size isn't everything:

    4. When memes are life:

    5. When you have have other priorities:

    6. When you're in the Christmas spirit, and want to show your love for the simple things in life:

    7. When you decide to not worry about your diet over the holidays:

    Twitter: @Peperinain

    (Those are sausages, not ornaments.)

    8. When your tree really expresses who you are:

    9. When you opt for something a little less traditional:

    10. When you don't eat before you go tree shopping:

    11. When you celebrate somewhere a little more tropical:

    12. When you don't want anyone anywhere near your tree:

    13. And when you don't want your cat anywhere near your tree:

    14. When you're into minimalism:

    15. When you're really into recycling:

    16. When you just can't be bothered:

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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