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    Here Are 16 Of The Best And Most Twist-Filled Movies You Should Watch Right Now

    Hate predictable plots? These films are calling your name.

    1. Inception

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    The premise:

    Dom Cobb is a fugitive who specializes in getting inside people's dreams in order to steal ideas and important information. He and his team are hired for a mission, but things go sideways when the victim realizes they've infiltrated his dreams.

    2. Match Point

    BBC Films

    The premise:

    Chris is a young, middle-class man who finds work as a tennis instructor for rich people. He soon meets a family who takes him under their wing, and he gets engaged to one of the daughters. But he also meets his brother-in-law's girlfriend, and becomes somewhat obsessed with her. What started off as a love story turns into an extremely dark thriller.

    3. Irrational Man

    Sony Pictures Classics

    The premise:

    Abe is a depressed philosophy professor. A student in his class soon becomes his friend (and later his partner), but that doesn't help with his depression either... until he overhears a conversation at a restaurant and finds the meaning of life. Things get very dark, very quickly.

    4. Annihilation


    The premise:

    When her husband goes missing during a secret operation, a biologist named Lena joins an expedition into a mysterious area guarded by the United States government. The group, comprised of five female scientists, tries to find out what mysterious forces are controlling this place that no one ever returns from... What they find will leave you scratching your head for days.

    5. The Incident

    Yellow Films

    The premise:

    This movie features two parallel stories. In the first one, two brothers who committed a crime are chased by a detective on an endless stairwell. In the second one, a family gets lost on an infinite highway. You'll soon find yourself questioning many things about the nature of time, and, yes, it will be stressful.

    6. The Invisible Guest

    Atresmedia Cine

    The premise:

    Adrián is a young, successful businessman who, unbeknownst to his wife, is having an affair. One day, he wakes up next to his lover's body. Naturally, he's the prime suspect, but he swears he didn't do it, so he hires a top-notch lawyer to help him prove his innocence. This movie will show you that nothing is what it seems.

    7. Gone Girl

    20th Century Fox

    The premise:

    On the day of their fifth anniversary, Nick Dunne informs the police that his wife has gone missing. His strange behavior makes everyone think he's had something to do with it — but there are hints that Amy's disappearance could be someone else's doing.

    8. Amnesiac

    XLrator Media

    The premise:

    A man wakes up with no memory in the house of a woman who claims to be his wife, but he's certain she's not. On the one hand, he knows he might not recognize her because of his mental state and tries to believe her. On the other, there are signs that indicate he's to be right to be suspicious and that he's in the hands of a stranger.

    9. The Sixth Sense

    Buena Vista Pictures

    What's it about?

    Doctor Malcolm Crowe is a famous child psychologist who's obsessed with a patient he wasn't able to help a few years ago. When he meets Cole, an insecure kid living in constant fear, he sees an opportunity to help him and find redemption. The thing is, he soon discovers the kid is being visited by otherworldly entities.

    10. Taking Lives

    Warner Bros.

    The premise:

    FBI investigator Ileana Scott is an expert at untangling the personalities of serial killers to the point she can predict their behavior. The detective is soon called up for a case in Canada where a murderer has been assuming the identity of his victims.

    11. Magnolia

    New Line Cinema

    The premise:

    The premise of Magnolia is that Jason, a dying man, is searching for his son, whom he needs to say goodbye to. Over his journey, he will meet nine people whose stories seem to be totally random, but they're definitely related.

    12. Changeling

    Universal Pictures

    The premise:

    Christine has a nine year old son who goes missing while she's at work. When she reports it to the authorities, they don't show a lot of interest. However, five months later, they tell her they've found her son and present her with a kid who recognizes her as his mother, but she swears that's not him.

    13. Backtrack

    Saban Capital Group

    The premise:

    Peter is a psychotherapist who can't get over how hard it was for him and his wife to lose their daughter. This traumatic experience has altered his life to the point he begins to experience hallucinations about strange and unrelated events with no apparent explanation. But are they really just hallucinations?

    14. 12 Monkeys

    Universal Studios

    The premise:

    It's the year 2035. After a virus has wiped out millions of people, the survivors seek refuge in underground communities. A inmate named James Cole volunteers to go back in time and get a sample of the virus to create an antidote.

    15. Seven

    New Line Cinema

    The premise:

    One impulsive detective and another more experienced one end up working together on a case about a serial killer whose crimes seem to be based on the seven deadly sins. As they work the case, they'll realize the criminal doesn't think of them as merely detectives.

    16. And finally, Zodiac.

    Paramount Pictures

    The premise:

    This movie is based on the real-life story of the famous Zodiac Killer, a serial murderer who killed tons of people in San Francisco between 1966 and 1978. His signature trait was sending letters to the media with clues about his own murders.

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