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15 Signs Your Mom Is Your Best Friend

You can communicate without saying a word, and it's almost impossible to lie to one another.

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2. Most people ask their moms for permission. You ask for advice.


Like any good friend, she listens to you and tells you what she thinks is best, but she never judges you because she respects you. <3

4. She protects you from other authority figures.

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For example, from your dad. Ever since you were a kid, she taught you that sometimes there's nothing wrong with breaking some rules and she has even helped you do it from time to time.


6. You can communicate with each other without saying a word.

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She's known you all your life and you've known her for a good chunk of hers. You can carry out entire conversations through meaningful looks alone.

7. It's almost impossible for you to lie to one another.


There's nothing like you saying "nothing's wrong, mom" for your mom to know that something's up. But you also know when her "don't worry, daughter" is hiding something.

8. You've gotten drunk together.

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It may not have been at a raging party, or even at a family dinner, but you've definitely done this at least once in your life. (And you probably ended up laughing till your sides were hurting from jokes that only the two of you will get.)


11. You celebrate each other on Valentine's Day.

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Forget significant others. Your bond is so strong, there can never be enough excuses to celebrate your friendship and the love you have for each other. (Oh, and to give each other gifts!)


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