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15 Pleasures You'll Only Recognize If You Live Alone

Going to the bathroom without closing the door? Eating straight from the pan? Yes, please! <3

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1. Looking for that leftover pizza you put in the fridge and ACTUALLY FINDING IT.


When you live with other people, you have to defend your food as if you were an animal. When you live alone, however, you never have to label your leftovers or hide them behind some gross thing no one wants to eat in the back of the fridge.

2. Talking to yourself, out loud, for hours.

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You can act out confrontation scenes that will never happen, have a chat with yourself in front of the mirror, and even cry. Oh, and if you have a pet, you can have long conversations with it without being judged.


11. Taking long showers without somebody knocking.

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Also, being able to use the bathroom whenever you want, without having to hold it by the door because somebody has been taking a shower for the past two hours.


This post was translated from Spanish.