These 15 Moms Are Killing It With This Millennial Thing

    Wait why are their selfies cooler than ours??

    1. This mom, who can entertain her kid and text you back at the same time:

    2. This mom, who would put your own drinking games to shame:

    3. This mom, who's nothing but stoked for her first tattoo:

    4. This mom, who's in on the latest forms of communication:

    Twitter: @rcaceres10

    Mom-moji for the win.

    5. This mom, who doesn't give a FUCK whether this is an actual hangout spot or not:

    6. This mom, whose Pokémon Go score is better than yours:

    7. This mom, whose fangirl game is 1000% stronger than yours.

    8. This mom and her fantastic duck face:

    9. This mom on her video call:

    10. This mom, who's just hanging out at a hookah bar:

    11. This mom, who knows to never pass up a good mirror selfie:

    12. This mom, whose dye job is way cooler than yours...

    13. And this mom, too...

    14. And this one!

    15. And finally, this mom putting the werk in housework.

    This post was translated from Spanish.