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    17 People Who Will Make You Rage Like The Hulk, But If The Hulk Was Triggered By Minor Annoyances Instead Of Anger

    These monsters only want to watch the world burn.

    1. This toy designer who's pretty sure Pikachu's tail is on top of its head:

    2. This Kit Kat fan who actually managed to pull off something pretty impressive with this bite:

    3. This designer who thinks all superheroes are essentially the same thing and really doesn't understand what the big deal is:

    4. People who print off Excel spreadsheets like this:

    5. This maniac who ruined a perfectly good cake:

    6. This interior designer who thinks bathrooms aren't quite intimate enough:

    7. This Machiavellian chef who ruined what we love the most in life:

    8. This artist who–instead of portraying an adorable kiss–created a Lovecraftian monstrosity:

    9. This parking lot painter who doesn't really understand how wheelchairs work:

    10. This ice cream maker who kept hitting the "stick" button instead of the "chocolate" button:

    11. This soft serve seller who managed to screw up something that's pretty damn hard to screw up:

    12. The fine folks at Heinz and their inconsistent labelling standards:

    13. This fortune cookie stuffer who decided to send you a cryptic and threatening message (or lack thereof):

    14. This lazy toy manufacturer who thinks all bugs are bugs:

    15. This cook who gave you a "plain burger with nothing on it" just like you asked for:

    16. This pencil maker who has forgotten the fundamental purpose of an eraser:

    17. And this bathroom designer who will push you past the boundaries of sanity and make you realize that you have a dangerously short temper:

    This post was translated from Spanish.