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    15 Parenting Fails That You Could Totally See Why They Would Work In Theory

    Maybe don't try this at home.

    1. When it comes to parenting, resourcefulness is an important trait.

    @_JuAlvarado / Twitter / Via Twitter: @_JuAlvarado

    I mean, why waste a perfectly good cart?

    2. You learn to make do without the fancy stuff.

    @flanxito / Twitter / Via Twitter: @flanxito

    Sorry but can your BabyBjörn do this?

    3. You learn to conserve energy when you can...

    Imgur / Via

    Same end result, no?

    4. ...and just do what you gotta do...

    @_ElamigoJr / Twitter / Via Twitter: @_ElamigoJr

    It's for their own good.

    5. ...with the tools at your disposal...

    @hail_yeahx2 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @hail_yeahx2

    I mean, it works.

    6. ...and the best of intentions.

    Fanie1157 / Reddit / Via

    It's not a trick if it's for nutrition!

    7. Sure, some days, things don't work out perfectly...

    @MusBeNyce / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MusBeNyce

    Small errors have been made.

    8. ...but you do it for the learning experience...

    @santiaago_96 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @santiaago_96

    TFW you're proud of his aim but also not.

    9. ...and to get your kicks in where you can.

    @Sendrealeo / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Sendrealeo

    This could only end well.

    10. It's a lot of work, juggling so many priorities.

    @Valentinabelike / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Valentinabelike

    Keep your kids close and your brews closer.

    11. But kids are just so enormously rewarding in their own ways...

    @Sarahiou / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Sarahiou

    Let's just say you're never quite bored.

    12.'s like they're just these little blank slates, ready to be shaped by your love...

    TheIncredibleAtheist / Reddit / Via

    And, uh, creative bounds.

    13. ...and to help you see a world of possibilities...

    @valriquelme / Twitter / Via Twitter: @valriquelme

    20 Cheerios and counting? Who knew!

    14. ...which is why you want to share everything with them...

    @elferchango / Twitter / Via Twitter: @elferchango

    Your world is their world, after all.

    ...even though, hey, no one said it was going to be easy.

    Giphy / Via

    It's fine. They're fine.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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