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    Updated on Dec 4, 2018. Posted on Dec 14, 2017

    14 Of The More Unfortunate Christmas Decorations That Are Actually Out There In This World

    Something's not right here.

    1. This half-ornament, half-mannequin situation:

    Twitter: @vanegarciap

    Pretty sure I've seen one of these in a nightmare before.

    2. This cell phone ornament:

    You know, just in case you forgot what the real guiding light of your life is...

    3. This chamber pot wreath:


    4. This kinda horrifying snowman:

    Twitter: @coachTcubed

    Um please don't come alive.

    5. This hangable piece of shit:

    Twitter: @CrapPresents

    With, lol, a light dusting of snow because #holidays.

    6. This slightly discomfiting hand tree:

    It's a little too serial-killer chic, no?

    7. And this macabre tree topper:

    Twitter: @kellytaylor85

    Unless you're Tim Burton, no thanks.

    8. This Santa Claus who is definitely NOT allowed to slide down my chimney this year:

    It's something in those cold, dead eyes.

    9. This uncomfortably personified tree:

    Twitter: @3dollargogurt

    Why does it have a face?????

    10. This Santa Lucia candleholder that wasn't completely thought out:

    Gotta account for those candle drips, yo.

    11. This kinda mangy Santa head:

    Twitter: @MHarrisEditor

    Does anyone else see dirty ramen here? Anyone?

    12. This light-up caroler who will haunt your dreams:

    Twitter: @SarahSantanaaaa

    Forget sugarplums. I'm getting visions of this thing coming alive to kill me.

    13. These, lol, streetlights:

    14. And finally, these renditions of Mr. and Mrs. Claus that can never been unseen.

    That's it; Christmas is canceled, everyone. We overdid it.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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