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    14 Of The More Unfortunate Christmas Decorations That Are Actually Out There In This World

    Something's not right here.

    1. This half-ornament, half-mannequin situation:

    2. This cell phone ornament:

    3. This chamber pot wreath:

    4. This kinda horrifying snowman:

    5. This hangable piece of shit:

    6. This slightly discomfiting hand tree:

    7. And this macabre tree topper:

    8. This Santa Claus who is definitely NOT allowed to slide down my chimney this year:

    9. This uncomfortably personified tree:

    10. This Santa Lucia candleholder that wasn't completely thought out:

    11. This kinda mangy Santa head:

    12. This light-up caroler who will haunt your dreams:

    13. These, lol, streetlights:

    14. And finally, these renditions of Mr. and Mrs. Claus that can never been unseen.

    This post was translated from Spanish.