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19 Photos That Prove Cats Are Always Going To Do What They Wanna Do

Cats gonna cat!

1. First of all, as we all should know, cats never sleep where you want them to sleep.

2. They see that nice water fountain you bought SPECIFICALLY FOR THEM but would rather drink from the sink, k?

3. They are going to eat from the opening they feel like eating from...

4. And they will use the feeder exactly as they see fit, Karen.

5. Cats decide which bed is their bed. It is known.

6. And if you think they're going to fully appreciate that $1,000 cat tree you bought for them, think again...

7. Because nothing gives cats joy like a good cardboard box, let's be honest.

8. And in lieu of a box, they will sit in other box-like things — the more inconvenient to you, the better.

9. You don't decide what goes in the litter box. Your cat does.

10. And honestly? How dare you charge your phone right in the middle of their hangout space!!

11. Despite your best intentions, cats will poop where they decide is best to poop.

12. They shall sit where they deign to sit.

13. They don't give a flying fart about wet paint...

14. Or Christmas spirit. Again: It is known.

15. You don't pick out what you're wearing today. Your cat does.

16. Paper towels? Only to be used at your cat's discretion.

17. Enormously adorable cat bed? Not if Whiskers isn't feeling it.

18. Admit it: Not only do cats live their lives exactly how they want to, but they also decide when you get to live **yours**.

19. 'Cause at the end of the day, there's only room for one boss of the house...and you aren't it, babe.

This post was translated from Spanish.