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    14 Statements That Will Make Any Millennial Roll Their Eyes

    "Lazy, narcissistic, and irresponsible." Pfffff.

    1. "You live with your head in your phone."

    2. "You're lazy."

    3. "You don't get how the world works."

    4. "In this life, you can't have a job doing what you enjoy."

    5. "Millennials are narcissistic."

    6. "You'll get cancer from heating everything up in the microwave."

    7. "Creative jobs are not real jobs."

    8. "Millennials are afraid of commitment."

    9. "You get offended by everything."

    10. "You don't think about your future."

    11. "You only want dogs and cats, but no actual human children."

    12. "At your age, I was already married, had kids, and had bought a house."

    13. "All millennials are the same."

    14. "You're not even a millennial."

    This post was translated from Spanish.