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14 Statements That Will Make Any Millennial Roll Their Eyes

"Lazy, narcissistic, and irresponsible." Pfffff.

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7. "Creative jobs are not real jobs."


Please, even Bob Ross knows that you can make a living making ~art~. Oh, and see how you would like living in a world with no art, music, or anything even mildly creative. That's what the world would be like without us "creatives."


8. "Millennials are afraid of commitment."

John Moore / Getty Images Of course, there are some young people who dislike the idea of marriage, but there are others who are getting married (and others still who are fighting specifically for that right).

11. "You only want dogs and cats, but no actual human children."

Hey, some young people do want to have kids and have a family. But also, having a pet (even though many might say it's not the same thing) is a HUGE responsibility.


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