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21 Facts of Life After College:

When reality kicks your butt.

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1. Finding a job is hard no matter what your GPA was in college. So don't go posting it on social media like you cured cancer.

2. Your expectations of a "big girl" job salary after college isn't real so just be prepared.

3. You can't afford to spend your money frivolously: going out all the time and eating the 2am 4th meal at Taco Bell doesn't happen anymore.

4. Being the young rookie earns you no respect, seriously like none.

5. You need the experience to get a better job so you do what it takes to make it to 1 year.

6. You will stare at a computer screen more than ever before.

7. Friday is the best day on Earth and well, Monday is hell, but be glad for HUMP DAY!

8. Your hour lunch break turns into a time for running errands because let's face it, at the end of the day you just want to go home and do nothing.

9. Your Christmas list looks like a Better Home and Gardens magazine.

10. You get a membership to the gym because you're in your "prime", but you don't use it nearly as often as you should.

11. You start to wonder if the years you spent in college were a waste in the wrong direction.

12. You make plans and goals, but let's face it, how many actually get check marked off the list?

13. All your friends from high school start getting engaged or married and you're over here like, " Umm, are we old enough for that yet because I'm feeling 22?"

14. Learning about health benefits and how to fill out a W2 form should be a required college course.

15. Your weekends consist of grocery shopping and making the early bird showing at the movies.

16. You don't get awesome month long holiday breaks anymore (unless you're a teacher).

17. You don't want to wake up so you sleep as late as possible in the morning and then rush to get ready.

18. Your bed time is around 10pm because you are dead tired even on the weekend.

19. "I will clean my apartment when I damn well please!" The apartment is dirty and I still haven't decided its time to clean yet.

20. You can't just wake up and decide I don't feel like going to work today think I'll skip.

21. You get jealous of your friends for having a better job than you. Yes, this is real life.

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