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    Masculinity Can Inspire Change...Tips From Author/Psychologist Gunter Swoboda

    It started in 2015 at a publisher’s closing night Book Expo America/BookCon Rooftop party in NYC...Filmmaker Miranda Spigener-Sapon and renowned psychologist/author Gunter Swoboda were in a discussion with the editors from Oprah Magazine/OWN over cocktails. Who knew 2017 and now 2018 would be the time for this movement to take off. I had the pleasure in speaking with Gunter on tips on how men can inspire change.

    Making Good Men Great is a project that aims to help men rethink masculinity and provide a way to help them shape their lives such that they are aligned to thrive and can become an inspiration to others. Most of us are surrounded by good men – men in our communities, our families, and our workplaces. However, we know something is a musical score that never reaches the crescendo, many of us feel like we are continually waiting for the elusive climax to our story that never quite arrives. Gunter Swoboda believes that there are reasons for that and unlock the greatness that we see in men all over the world so that they are able to change their lives in ways that enable them to thrive and transform their communities into vibrant places of life and connection.

    Trailer to Gunter Swoboda’s Documentary with narration by award winning Ross John Gosla

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