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    Meet Nelson, The Vespa Riding Goldendoodle

    You need to see this. Why? Because this dog is way cooler than most. Here are 8 pictures to prove it.

    Meet Nelson the Goldendoodle. He may seem like a normal dog, but really he is pretty badass, Why? Because he rides around in a Vespa. Yeah. That's right. He a Vespa.

    Nelson's parents would ride around on their Vespa carrying him when he was a puppy. But, he outgrew being carried so they found a sidecar for him to ride around in.

    Children love him. He is pretty much famous every where he goes.

    Admiring fans are known to take pictures and tag them on Instagram. Nelson loves sharing those via his personal IG account- @NelsontheGoldenDoodle.

    Via instagram

    He basically looks like a badass when he has his goggles on. It's almost like he is saying, "Yeah, I ride that Vespa. What the hell is wrong with that?" There's NOTHING wrong with that. It rocks, Nelson!

    Nelson loves riding in his Vespa so much that he is super confused by cars. When his parents go to the garage, he automatically goes to get in the Vespa!

    Look at this! Look! How awesome is Nelson?

    Dear Nelson, we love you. See you on the road soon. Happy trails!

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