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Unexpected Things You Can Find In The Isle Of Man

The new creative generation are creating you new favourite hobbies.

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1. Live jazz

The Embassy Jazz Club is a recent creation, set up by a local jazz saxophonist and her partner to provide high quality live music events and make jazz accessible to the public. The Embassy Jazz Band are made up of experienced musicians focussed on creating a professional and entertaining show whatever the venue.

2. Burlesque

Sanguine Shee has established itself as the go-to burlesque performance troupe of the IOM with their creative and innovative shows. Previous performances have combined traditional burlesque with belly dancing, cabaret and circus skills. Adventurous audience members can even attend regular classes taught by the performers.

3. Parkour

Will Sutton has made a name for himself as both a parkour/free running athleteand a filmmaker. He has performed in films and competitions around the world, winning the Red Bull Art of Motion in 2011. Tune into Will's youtube channel to see some beautifully made videos of both his parkur stunts and the Isle of Man in general.

4. Contemporary art & photography

An "underground" art scene of artists and photographers are breaking away from the traditional landscapes and watercolours popular in the island's tourist trade, holding exhibitions in bars and cafes to expose their work to an audience without the usual high cost associated with more traditional galleries. It can be tricky to find out when & where these shows are being held, but it's worth asking around for a chance to see the more challenging and exciting work of new artists.

5. Degree students

As of September 2014, the IOM is home to a BA (Hons) Course in Art, Design & Media. The IOM College has taken over the classic Market Hall on Douglas' North Quay, a building more than 100 years old, to provide a degree course which builds on their exisiting arts courses. The building is still open to the public so you can take a look at the students' work and ask about their latest projects,

6. Film festival

An annual event since 2012, the IOM Film Festival builds on the already busy film culture created on the island after the influx of feature films over the last decade. Events range from screenings of locally made short films and documentaries to talks by established filmmakers and critics. Anyone whose interest is sparked by the festival can join the same team in their short film group Mannin Shorts throughout the year.

7. Literature festival

Manx Lit Fest holds events across the island during their annual festival, holding story telling events for children in local libraries, live readings & poetry slams and even a pitch event for unpublished writers with professional agents.

8. Food festival

The Villa Marina gardens play host to the annual IOM Food & Drink Festival. You can visit a collection of local caterers and food trucks serving anything from artisan coffee to pie & mash while professional chefs give cooking demonstrations in front of a live audience. You can walk away with an eclectic collection of local cheese, handmade cupcakes and Manx mushroom ice cream.

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