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24 Times Lewis Hamilton Made Us All So Goddam Thirsty

WARNING: Some readers may suffer serious dehydration.

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1. As you may have noticed, Lewis Hamilton is a gift from God.

2. He's a man who can pull off a sombrero like it's nothing.

3. He likes winning races, wearing cossack hats and setting hearts aflame.

Loved my hat yesterday on the podium!! What a day!! 🙌🏾 #RussianGP #TeamLH @mercedesamgf1

4. Like the time when he looked through the crowd, and caught your eye.

5. After which, you became the one eating some lovely breakfast pancakes opposite him.

6. And eating delicious bread rolls at dinner.

Although remember, bread only makes you thirstier.
Gisela Schober / WireImage

Although remember, bread only makes you thirstier.

7. You were the one being hugged this tightly every night.

8. This is what you were waking up to every morning.

9. This is what your Sunday snuggles looked like.

10. He was looking at you like this when he came to pick you up from the station.

11. He was playing you Adele songs.

12. And when things got really serious, he was hugging your hypothetical child.

13. You'd be in squad photos like this.

Sorry, Nicole.
Clive Rose / Getty Images

Sorry, Nicole.

14. He'd be signalling to you when he was out on the race course, winning gold and money.

Yeah, nice one babes.
Clive Mason / Getty Images

Yeah, nice one babes.

15. You were the one going on couples' paddle-boarding adventures with Coco and Rosco.

16. You never had to worry about him looking less than 💯.

At last nights #KCABlackBall. Had an amazing time. Such a great cause. #GodBless

17. This was probably how he greeted you at the bathroom door after running you a bath.

18. And this was how you two did a cinema date night, looking glam AF.

Craig Barritt / Getty Images

19. You too got to hang out with weird fashion people wearing bombastic sunglasses.

20. And he introduced your mum to people like Lionel because he knew that other generations have their own sources of thirst.

Congrats @LionelRichie on your #IconOfTheYearAward! Honour hanging out with you last night! #LEGEND #MOTY #GQAwards

21. HOWEVER he isn't yours – he's EVERYONE'S.

America, Monaco, you're both welcome.

22. In an ideal world, there'd be two of him.

23. The man even makes himself thirsty, for goodness' sake.

Dan Istitene / Getty Images