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31 Things All Kids Of High School Teachers Know To Be True

If you want to watch Romeo and Juliet, I've got five different versions.

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1. You haven't been to the local shopping centre or Nando's in years, because you're so afraid of running into your parents' students.

4. They've trumped you on Christmas cards and presents EVERY year.

But on the plus side, chocolate and Echo Falls for all!


5. They're your worst Facebook troll.

6. You can't bullshit someone who solely works with bullshitters.

I hate the fact that my mum is a teacher. She knows all the tricks in the book. I cant even lie and get away with it.


9. Your social cachet at school rose dramatically around exam time.

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Ain't no party like a past papers party.

10. Your DVD collection is a library of set text adaptations.

Nothing like a bit of Friday night Dr Faustus fun.

11. All your notebooks are stolen school exercise books.


While everyone else in your uni seminar is writing in lovely Moleskines, you're still using the extra-large-lined jotters your mum nicked from the year 7 cupboard.


13. You probably played teachers when you were kids because taking registers was the dream.

14. You were bribed with promises of gold stars around exams...

...which conveniently stopped just before GCSEs.

15. And they had more overt bribing techniques designed to limit their own workload.

18. They've always got a zillion red pens in their pockets when you need something to write with.

Every shopping list sounds like rage.

20. But it's a special kind of hell when they also work in your school.

Drawbacks of your mum working at your secondary school is when your old teachers come to your house, Tomorrow it's my AS History teachers

Our prayers and thoughts go out to you, comrades.


21. You become an honorary member of the teachers' union.

i hate it when people say teachers are overpaid... my mum is a teacher and she works so fucking hard you bunch of pricks


23. There's just no escape from school and the horrors that come with it.

Love that my mum is a teacher but she really doesn't need to bring home the exam paper after every exam I do 😭😭


27. You become a terrible, pedantic them.



30. Their jokes make your dad sound funny...

The kind of jokes you get when your mum is a science teacher: 'Did you know oxygen and magnesium are going out? OMg!'

...unless your dad's a teacher ofc.