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21 Fucking Annoying Things All Female Football Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

"I may have a masters degree but the offside rule is beyond me", said no woman ever.

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1. "You like football? Really? Wow!"

2. "But do you genuinely like football or do you just say that to get guys?"

3. "OK, so do you actually understand The Offside Rule?"

Which as everyone knows, is next to Einstein's theory of relativity in terms of intellectual difficulty.

4. "I bet it's all those guys running in shorts you like, aye? Aye? šŸ˜ šŸ˜"

Oh, if only kicks were that easy to come by.

5. "If you like football so much, how come you don't play it?"

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Asked by guys who clearly haven't broken into a jog since fourth form P.E.

6. "You do? Wow, you seem way too girlie to play football!ā€

7. "Most female footballers and fans are lesbians, aren't they?"

Instagram: @sio_chamberlain

Yep, as the England goalie proves here.

8. "Does that mean you're one too?"

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9. "All I want in life is to find a girl who loves football as much as me..."

Oh, you do?

10. "Football girls are so sexy. Iā€™d love a girl who just sits on the sofa in her pants and football shirt, drinking a beer...ā€

That's the dream isn't it?

11. "...but women footballers are way too manly."

Instagram: @sio_chamberlain

So manly.

12. "I don't know why people bother watching women's football when they could watch real football."

13. "God, I hate other girls who pretend to like football."

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14. "These guys play like girls, don't they?"


No, that's why they're losing.

15. "But how do you know so much about football?"

How do you know so little about life, mate?
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How do you know so little about life, mate?

16. "I'm not surprised, it's just that you don't strike me as someone who'd really be into sports."

17. "Alright, Bend It Like Beckham!"

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18. "Oh you support Arsenal? OK then, describe their second away strip during the 1987 season."


19. "I bet you only support them because your dad does, right?"

20. "Do you even know how much a season ticket costs?"


A lot.



So who's the real armchair supporter here?