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26 Things Everyone Who Lives At Home During Uni Knows To Be True

I got 99 problems but a cold, damp flat ain't one.

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1. You don't have to worry about freezing to death when someone's forgotten to pay the electricity bill.

And you'll never know what it is like to go to bed dressed in three tracksuits, just to stay alive.

3. Like train tickets to visit your pals at different campuses across the country.

Funny how many free weekends you have for cheeky trips to Liverpool, Kent, or Hull when you're not living in halls yourself.

4. There's always hot water when you need it.

5. And there's always a fully stocked fridge of fresh and tasty food, ready for the picking.

1st year of uni was class, but i'll happily swap living with my flatmates for living at home with a full fridge


10. At least you don't know the horrors of packing your whole life into two suitcases, including half of Ikea...yet.

You wouldn't be LOL-ing if you had to unpack it all again either.

11. You can have pets when you live in your own house and don't have to answer to draconian landlords.

~Some~ say they can act as study aids.

12. You'd think there'd be fewer distractions when you actually need to do work, because your parents want you to do well. But no.

I'm literally sitting trying to finish my uni assignment that is due TOMORROW and my mum is nagging me to clean my room??????

Classic mum.


15. And you don't have any weirdo housemates who you have to put up with for the sake of peace.

moving out is weird and scary and i just heard my housemates having mad sex next to my fucking box room i'm upset


18. You know that if you find a lump of hair in the shower, it's probably yours.