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22 Struggles Every Small Girl With Big Feet Will Understand

Go on, call me "Sideshow Bob" one more time...

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1. You stopped growing when you hit 13 but your feet went on evolving for a good five years.

6. Your knees haven't been scar-free since your first steps as a baby.

I wish I could say all these bruises and scars I have are from softball but the sad truth is that they're all from tripping over my own feet

The struggle is real.


10. And bowling shoes are an absolute disaster just waiting to happen.

This is probably the safest position to be in when wearing these death traps.

12. You find yourself being politely redirected to the men's section in trainer shops.


14. Oh and there's always ~that~ moment you find out your feet are as large as your far taller S.O's.

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16. But actually you can't think of any cool, short-but-big-footed idols who you can relate to.

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Short gals with small feet have Kylie. Tall gals with long feet have Uma. WHO DO WE HAVE?!


18. People seem to think that because you're short, you'll easily fit into small spaces.

The middle seat in the car does not favor people with big feet

20. When you find a pair of shoes that fits and doesn't make your feet look like bananas, you wear them until the bitter fucking end.

21. Even basic things like wearing skinny jeans is a daily struggle.