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21 Reasons You Need To Start Dating A Classical Musician Today

Just call me Bae-thoven.

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2. Which also means that your hypothetical, musical children will be safe from all vices.

Logic, people, logic.

3. Nearly all of them are exceptional with their hands.

Those agile fingers aren't just good for piano playing...


5. Bassists and tuba players give body builders a run for their money because they are also strong AF.

I love this photo by Stephan vanFleteren of double bassist Rick Stotijn on a bass hike!

Now imagine that you are that bass, casually thrown over bae's shoulder.


13. They won't judge your music collection, unlike band members.

Anyone ever noticed just how judgey pop people can be?

14. But they will challenge you intellectually.

No comment.


18. They'll make your lame jokes sound A+.

20. The thing is, there's nothing hotter than ridiculously talented people.