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18 Reasons You Need To Start Dating A Rower

They're all good with their cox.

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1. They'll never judge your excessive eating habits because they are ALWAYS hungry.

Pasta for starter, pasta for main, pasta for pudding.

2. But their bodies are works of art.

"@FemaleTexts: Muscular backs are such a turn on 😍 " Even more of a reason to date a rower :)

3. They're shamelessly sexy.

Spandex was made for pulling.
Anna Williamson / Facebook

Spandex was made for pulling.

4. Their onesies are so tight that they might as well be naked all the time.

And in some boat clubs, they actually are naked. πŸ‘ Thank you, Warwick.πŸ‘
Facebook: warwickrowers

And in some boat clubs, they actually are naked. πŸ‘ Thank you, Warwick.πŸ‘

5. They'll take you punting on boating lakes.

And they will look as happy as this because there will be no coxswain yelling at them.

6. They'll encourage you to be your best, healthiest self.

7. There's always someone to look after you on nights out because they have a drinking ban every other week.


8. And they're mad strong which means they can carry you home.

9. But when they're not in training, they can put it away with the best of them.

Successful attempt at the longest drinking boat race. Thank you to everyone who took part! #guinnessworldrecords

You don't know the meaning of "holding your drink" until you see a women's VIII complete a JΓ€germeister boat race.

10. They've got crazy levels of stamina suitable for ~all kinds~ of cardiovascular work.

Getting hot and sweaty is what they do.

11. And side from gymnasts, they're the most flexible sports people you're going to find – WHICH COMES IN HANDY, WINK WINK.

Being bent over in a boat for hours every day does have an effect.

12. You get to spend your weekends at some impressive places, watching them race.

13. They're used to being ordered around so there's no squabbling when you ask them to do something.

Bravo /

Their cox has definitely made them cry and/or be sick in the past. Whatever it is you want, they've probably been through worse.

14. They can be your own human alarm clock come 5am when they get up to row.

15. They always go the extra mile for fancy dress parties.

Oar not.

16. They've got arses you could crack eggs on.

They squat on land. They squat on water. They squat in their sleep.

17. They know how to take a good picture.

Lucy Hughes / Facebook

18. And finally, good rowers don't catch crabs.

E! /

And if you don't understand, just ask your new rower S.O.