29 Pictures That Prove 2002 Was The Year That Fashion Died

    RIP fashion.

    1. 2002 was the year that Christina Aguilera decided that a scarf and a belt constituted a full outfit.

    2. It was an era in which The Cat in the Hat was deeply influential, as Alicia Keys proved.

    3. Colour-coding was important – nay, essential – as all Britney Spears aficionados understood.

    4. Lindsay Lohan taught us all that loungewear, including flip-flops, was more versatile than we had previously thought.

    5. Who didn't love a good, silk bomber jacket and matching bra combo, as championed by Jordan?

    6. Paris Hilton showed us all that crotch-skimming corsets were the natural accompaniment to gypsy skirts and crucifixes.

    7. It was the year that Tara Reid proved that crocheted cosies weren't just for keeping teapots warm.

    8. And we suddenly discovered that we'd been using plasters all wrong, thanks to Nelly.

    9. J.Lo showed us that even if we weren't "gangsters", we could still do the whole "one leg up, one leg down" thing to perfection.

    10. Shakira's shipwreck chic was the height of sophistication.

    11. Gwen Stefani and André 3000 confused the world when they went around dressed as pirate schoolchildren who had been caught up in fishing nets.

    12. Mutya Buena took girlband attire to another level with this leather waistcoat and shorts combo.

    13. In fact, the Sugababes as a whole really personified the UK’s take on 2002 with their bindis, scarf tops, and bootcut jeans.

    14. While David Beckham led the way for British men in the hair accessories department.

    15. It was a simpler time when no one, and especially not Gareth Gates, was judged for their stiff, spiky hairdos.

    16. It was the year that Kylie Minogue turned up to MTV Spring Break dressed as a carwash cylinder.

    17. Lil' Kim predated Justin Bieber in rocking the red-carpet look on the red carpet.

    18. Nick Carter matched his polo neck to his lenses and tips, because it was the done thing.

    19. The hearts of elderly ladies everywhere were set a-fluttering when Brad Pitt wore this gardening hat out in public.

    20. Mariah Carey was confident that the whole Texan cow girlthing was the right look to go for.

    21. And Christina Milian was OK with dressing like a ripped-apart squirrel.

    22. Cameron Diaz decided a beach towel was the very height of fashion inspiration.

    23. Early '00s catwalks were a hive of creative talent, with Naomi Campbell championing the wearing of embroidered carpets.

    24. Selma Blair went around in a red fly-curtain...because she could.

    25. We reached peak waistcoat in 2002 when Cher stepped out wearing what looked like a bejewelled, dead butterfly.

    26. The fact is that in 2002, less WAS less, as Carmen Electra proved.

    27. Nothing impressed us more than Shania Twain's transparent catsuit and studded belt.

    28. Sheryl Crow's love of near-nakedness and animal skin dominated carpets across the globe.

    29. And after Traci Bingham's legs got slayed by a plastic-loving tiger, fashion was officially dead.