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29 Pictures That Prove 2002 Was The Year That Fashion Died

RIP fashion.

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3. Colour-coding was important – nay, essential – as all Britney Spears aficionados understood.

Gregg Deguire / WireImage

Remember when Crossroads gave you all the life goals you ever wanted?

5. Who didn't love a good, silk bomber jacket and matching bra combo, as championed by Jordan?

Gareth Davies / Getty Images

It was clearly also the year hair salons sold out of extensions.


11. Gwen Stefani and André 3000 confused the world when they went around dressed as pirate schoolchildren who had been caught up in fishing nets.


15. It was a simpler time when no one, and especially not Gareth Gates, was judged for their stiff, spiky hairdos.

Brian Rasic / Getty Images

And let's not forget this spectacular pinstripe-bubble-pattern combo.



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