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20 Random AF Celebrities Who Guest Starred In Gossip Girl

This is where GG really started fucking with the fiction/reality border.

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Blair managed to get Gaga to perform at NYU, thus proving herself invaluable to the theatre soc.


In most university societies, you just have buy a round of drinks and you're in. Not in New York, apparently.

AKA Ursula, who helped create one of the more surreal moments in the show's history.


And although she was essentially a ~good~ character, she still looked like she'd stab a bitch.

Bizarrely, she seemed to have been flown in to both sing at Blair's party (nice) and publicly shame her drunken behaviour (not so nice).


TBH she looked pretty confused throughout the cameo so whether she understood the implications of her ~presence~ is open to conjecture.

The designer very briefly turned up when Blair was picking a dress for her sham royal wedding.


Although why she resolutely refused to wear her mother's OWN LABEL is a mystery.

They tried to mind fuck us all with their crazy ~through the fourth wall~ stunt during the finale. But we all knew that Kristen knew the TRUTH.

Unlike Karly Kloss, this model stuck around for more episodes than was good for her.


Oh it was all very cutesy but there was no way anyone was going to let this tepid relationship get in the way of true romance.

The director appeared when the gang went down to L.A. for the summer and Serena, just by chance, got a gig working on The Beautiful And The Damned film.

He met with Little J to discuss ~fashion~ only to find that his time had been WASTED by a SABOTAGED collection.


What a fine moment this was. Because daubing "WHORE" on some dresses is really the worst thing you could do.

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