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15 Reasons Why Millennials Are Great

These are some reasons why millennials are great, and should not be an overlooked or underappreciated generation.

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1. We are always aware of current news


We have grown up with War in Afghanistan, school shootings, terrorist attacks, AIDS, 9/11 terrorist attack, War on Terror, and the Great Recession, for which have led us to want to stay up to date with whats going on in the world because we know it will affect us.

2. Highly adaptable


We’ve grown up with the internet, smartphones, and social media which has changed the world immensely, but we have adapted with it and because of that have taken adaptability on as a trait because we are so use to changing times.

3. We are more accepting of different people


Through our educational efforts we have become an understanding and accepting group who are changing the way the worldviews others and are speaking up against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

4. We are more connected to many people


Through the internet and social media our generation has changed communication and how to connect with people. But, millennials are mastering it and connect and build relationships with hundreds of people that haven’t even met in person while also being able to keep up with their closer in person relationships through keeping updated and communicating more often.

5. We are more creative

Since we have seen so much progression in every part of our lives we have become more creative to keep this progression going. We are outside of the box thinkers that do not see the world in black and white like our parents and grandparents.

6. We are curious and love to learn all the time


We can just “google it” - Millennials love learning and finding out what is true or factual when talking or thinking about something they do not know, which as grown our curiosity and knowledge horizons.

8. We are closer to other generations than other generations before us

Since we as a whole are more connected, millennials have been more connected to other generations as a whole. We are used to seeing our parents post on facebook, and because of social media we actually do a better job than other generations before us on connecting.

9. We stay younger longer

At heart we still show our kid side every now and then, taking the time to enjoy the little things and enjoy a fresh breath of air. Focusing on the little things and taking a moment to reflect on recent and past accomplishments to gain insight into where we’ve came and where we intend to go.

10. More disposable income to travel the world


We are not spending our money on materialistic things such as jewelry or cars. Instead choosing to see the world and the differing cultures which we experience everyday in America otherwise known as the world’s melting pot. Experiences rank higher in importance than objects to most millennials.

11. We get stuff done instantly rather than waiting to complete tasks

Those who make a list and make a plan to complete the tasks at hand are more likely to do said task than their counterparts who do not plan before acting. We believe this is how most millennials see things, we tend to create a plan of action before making our first move.

12. We are champions of multitasking

This can be shown through a scary but ultimately common task, texting and driving. It’s no secret Millennials are probably the worst at this having grown up in the world when texting became a very popular form of communication. We do have more useful means of multitasking and we believe in this age of cross functional jobs in which one member of the team is required to be an “expert” in multiple departments of a company.

14. We are more philanthropic

We personally speak out for charity and get involved. We plan philanthropy events, fund raise, give our time, and donate whatever we can. We are helpful and always willing to share to help the less fortunate.

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