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    7 Amazing Web Series To Watch If You Love Broad City

    If you like Ders & Ilana, you'll LOVE these up-and-coming web series.

    Over the past few years, hilarious shows like Workaholics and Broad City have paved the way for web series' online. If you like those, watch these!

    Comedy Central / Via

    1. Quinta Vs. Everything


    BuzzFeed's very own Quinta Brunson tackles life's biggest questions in her hilarious Facebook web series, Quinta Vs. Everything. With comedic charm and grace, Quinta invites us all to join in on her messy, millennial life.

    2. StoryBored USA

    WORLD Channel / Via

    In award-winning filmmaker William D. Caballero's web series, StoryBored USA, a 3D-printed Caballero explores the uniqueness of the creative process through interviews with diverse artists and creators. The series provides amazing tips for young artists and showcases excellent young talent.

    3. Ctrl Alt Delete

    Ctrl Alt Delete / Via Facebook: ctrlaltdeleteshow

    In Roni Geva and Margaret Katch's bold series, Ctrl Alt Delete, episodes aim to de-stigmatize and normalize the conversation surrounding abortion. Each episode is a self-proclaimed "Abortion Comedy" and aims to bring a new perspective to the abortion conversation.

    4. You've Seen This Before, We Know

    The Young Wild / Via

    Indie rock trio, The Young Wild, parodies themselves and the struggles of making it big in the music industry in their web series, You've Seen This Before, We Know. It's hilarious and honest.

    5. Youth, etc.

    Youth, etc. / Via

    Youth, etc. is a web series about the perils of young adult life. From shading Instapoets to showcasing the true horrors of millennial dating, best friends Jaden and B cover it all. If you also live in respectful fear of Geminis, this one's for you.

    6. Her Story

    Her Story / Via

    The Emmy-nominated series Her Story chronicles the lives of two trans women living in LA who are on the verge of ditching the dating scene forever. The groundbreaking series features prominently LGBTQ+ women both on and off screen and tells an incredibly relevant story.

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