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    Unfortunately, Only People Born Between '96 And '04 Can Relate To These Cringey Childhood Artifacts

    Rest in peace Toys"R"Us...

    You know you're a Zillennial if...

    1. You could pull on Hubba Bubba Gum for days.

    2. You knew you were going to make the BEST spider with Bendaroos.

    3. The sound of Pop Rocks popping always felt like a tiny symphony in your mouth.

    4. Silly Bandz were glorified rubber bands, but you HAD to collect them all!

    5. You had these iconic Disney Princess shoes.

    6. This tiara made you feel like a million bucks.

    7. Silly Putty was an enigma that you couldn't resist.

    8. You desperately wanted to reach level 33 on Bloxorz.

    9. Poptropica was your ultimate adventure.

    10. Any Papa Louie game was your 9-5 job.

    11. You lost count of how many ice cream sandwiches you could eat in one sitting.

    12. You felt like Push Pops were worth the time it took to get them out of your teeth.

    13. You loved CapriSun because it had the best flavors.

    14. You thought Fruit Barrels were DELICIOUS! A total summer fave.

    15. You couldn’t get enough of Slap Bracelets.

    16. You could spend hours making Lanyard Bracelets.

    17. You thought that A Bad Case of Stripes was a colorful nightmare.

    18. Miss Nelson is Missing reminded you to listen to your teacher.

    19. This Barbie cash register prepared you to spend those big bucks later on in life.

    20. Bop It was…addictive.

    21. A spinning Light up Wand was a sight to behold.

    22. Candy Land was a sugar high waiting to happen.

    23. You were happy to be in a Toys"R"Us, even if you didn’t get a toy.

    24. You loved going to the restroom in the mall.

    Are there any other classic Zillennial childhood artifacts that you think we missed? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!