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    22 Interesting Details About Your Favourite Movies

    “I thought you were a ghost.”

    1. In Interstellar (2014), first thing Murphy said to her father is "I thought you were the ghost"

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    2. In Interview with the Vampire (1994) When Lestat is around, Claudia dresses like the little girl he wants her to be. After he's out of the picture, Claudia is able to dress as the adult she truly is.

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    3. In Man of Steel (2013), Superman and Zod fly into a Wayne Enterprises satellite.

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    4. In Mousehunt (1997) Ernie played by Nathan Lane says "Hakuna Matata" to one of the guests. This is a callback to role as Timon from Lion King (1994).

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    5. In Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), right before Glen’s death, the radio announcer says that station “KRGR is leaving the air.” KRGR is short for Krueger.

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    6. In Spider-Man (2002) after recieving the news of his dismissal from the board of Oscorp, Norman Osborn goes through the five stages of grief in a microcosm.

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    7. In the Spider-Man (2002) trilogy, both Osborns seem to have a painting of a woman in a black dress with them wherever they go. That's gotta be Norman's ex-wife/Harry's mother. Harry to MJ: "Why didn't you wear the black dress? My father loves black."

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    8. Captain Ron (1992): all the cars Captain Ron interacts with end up losing their left headlight just like his left eye.

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    9. In Toy Story 2 (1999), Jessie's fight with Woody ends with the same move that Buzz used on him in the original film.

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    10. In A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001), the child robot David (played by Haley Joel Osment) never blinks once throughout the entire movie.

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    11. In the movie Starman (1984), the alien seems to be speaking nonsense in different languages at the beginning. He's actually trying to communicate by reciting the human greetings recorded on the famous gold record onboard the Voyager 1 probe, launched into deep space in 1977.

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    12. In Charlie’s Angels (2000) McG used the same house where E.T. was shot as the location for the house that Dylan, Drew Barrymore, stumbles into naked and asks two boys playing video games for help. He also included an E.T. poster on the wall, toy on the TV and Reese’s Pieces in a dish on the floor.

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    13. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (2018), the old couple taking photos are the parents of James Gunn. They are credited as "Weird Old Man" and "Weird Old Man's Mistress."

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    14. In the movie Deadpool (2016), One person bet on Deadpool’s actor Ryan Reynolds, which fits with the character Deadpool who frequently breaks the fourth wall.

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    15. In The Incredibles (2004) Buddy's homemade "Incrediboy" costume combines Mr. Incredibles "i" symbol with a crescent to form a "b".

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    16. In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009), Sam injures his left hand in the desert. This is because Shia LaBeouf injured his hand in a car accident during filming. So it had to be written into the movie.

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    17. In Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (2018), The tape that holds “Robin the movie” is titled “young justice”

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    18. In Deadpool 2 (2018), Deadpool's parachute snags on a sign that says "Hillside." "Hillside" was the original title of Fifteen (1990), Ryan Reynolds's first acting job.

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    19. In Luca (2021), Massimo serves Luca "trenette al pesto". This is a dish from Liguria, the Italian region where Genoa is located. Genoa is the city where Giulia's mother lives, and the home town of director Enrico Casarosa.

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    20. The newspaper from Batman (1989) shows that the movie takes place in the 1940s apparently.

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    21. In Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), the blond man on the right is Gal Gadot's husband, Yaron Varsano. And the little girl is Maya, their younger daughter.

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    22. And finally, In the Incredibles 2 (2018) Edna Mode comments that Jack Jack’s powers manifest when listening to Mozart. In the first Incredibles (2004), babysitter, Kari puts on Mozart for Jack Jack, triggering his powers. Madness ensues.

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