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10 Ways To Picnic Like A Pro

Nothing says summer like picnics in the park! These picnic adornments will guarantee a good time. When you prep your picnic snacks, don't forget to add the special ingredient to your picnic dips or pasta salads, MIRACLE WHIP Dressing.

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9. To encourage photo-worthy moments, plan a scavenger hunt.

pcutler/CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: silwenae

Hand out a list of things for people to take pictures of (bonus for creativity), and see what people come up with! You can even create a hashtag so you can see all the photos in one spot.

Once you’ve got your picnic gear ready, add the sweet and tangy blend of MIRACLE WHIP to your picnic favorites, like spinach and artichoke dip.

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