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14 Hacks To Really Up Your Gardening Game This Spring

Garden on fleek. Anyone can get a great garden with Miracle-Gro.

1. Germinate seedlings indoors in a citrus rind.

Functional and adorable!

2. Or use a cardboard egg carton for multiple seedlings.

You can plant it in the ground as is when they’re ready for the outside.

3. When planting from seeds, soak them first to minimize germination time.

4. Make a portable, upcycled watering can.

Create multiple lids for finer or heavier sprays and swap at will.

5. DIY a hanging garden with a bath caddy and some felt.

6. Use wine corks on bamboo skewers to label your beautiful plants.

Easy, beautiful, and biodegradable.

7. Use toilet paper to evenly space seedlings.

It's called "seed tape" and it's the easiest way to make sure your seed placement is on point.

8. Repurpose rotisserie chicken containers into mini greenhouses.

Anything for the love of the garden.

9. Use an upside-down bottle to water plants when you’re absent.

Just make sure that the water isn’t leaking out too quickly. If it is, just refill and try again.

10. Bamboo can help you create a one-pot spiral garden.

These are perfect for planting multiple herbs in one pot.

11. Use muffin tins and newspaper to make seed bombs.

Perfect for your garden or for giving the gift of garden to a friend.

12. Poke holes in a plastic bottle and plant it mostly underground to create an in-soil drip waterer.

This helps get water to the deepest roots without leaching nutrients from the soil.

13. Corks screwed to a board create evenly spaced, perfectly sized holes.

Just use a little glue to make the corks stick.

14. Soak a sponge in sugar water for a DIY butterfly feeder.

Hang it outside your kitchen window for a beautiful view.

The ultimate hack? Start your garden right with Miracle-Gro.

All images by Sarah Stone / BuzzFeed.