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    Mar 13, 2015

    From One Food Lover To Another: Madrid's Best Eats

    I love Spanish food. But let's be honest, we all know that tapas can get a bit old. If you wanna find out about some bangin spots to eat in Madrid check out this post.

    Inti de Oro

    Inti de Oro website / Via

    For those of you who are a fan of Peruvian food, this place does it right. For those of you who've never tried this cuisine before, prepare to have your mind blown. The tongue-shocking, ginger-lime zing of their ceviche blows any other ceviche you've had out of the water, and their aji de gallina and lomo saltado demonstrate Peruvian food's tantalizing flavor mixes excellently. A must try.

    La China Mandarina

    Mahou Madrid / Via

    This place does everything well and the atmosphere is real nice. Floor to ceiling windows, large wooden tables, and some chill vibes music. Great place to have a coffee and reading date with yourself, or a healthy breakfast, brunch, or lunch with friends. As it transitions into evening, candles are lit and La China Mandarina becomes an ideal spot for an early evening glass of wine and catch-up sesh or even dinner! Check it out if any of the above scenarios sound good to you.


    Orsomatto Facebook

    This cute little Moncloa gem is a taste of Italy. The best part? It's cheap! Pasta del Día is 3.50 euros. Sweet atmosphere accompanied by adorable owners make this small run business a real treat. Also, the panna cotta is unreal.


    Oliveto Facebook Page / Via Facebook: Oliveto

    Small intimate Italian restaurant in Lavapies with homemade pasta. The food speaks for itself. My personal favorite: Gorgonzola and pear stuffed pasta with a light truffle cream sauce. Orgasmic.

    The Little Big Cafe

    Yelp / Via

    “A little café with a big heart” Awww. This cafe is reminiscent of your favorite healthy hipster spot in the U.S. Chalkboard menu boasts a list of yummy sandwiches and their coffee game is on point.

    El Dragon Viajero (brunch!)

    The Best Terrace Bars in Madrid / Via

    Saturdays only. A four course brunch comes with, fruit, muslei and yogurt, raisin walnut toast with honey butter, and eggs benedict on mini bagels! Also your choice of fresh suqeezed OJ or coffee. AMAZING right?! The cherry on top: it's got a rooftop terrace as well as prime outdoor seating right at the head of cava baja in La Latina. If your brunch is boozy you're in the perfect location to soak up some good Vitamin D and enjoy more bar hopping post-eating.

    Cafe Federal

    The Cultureist / Via

    You probably already know about this. But still worth the mention for those who don't. Just go. And yes, that is feta in the picture.

    Carmencita Bar (brunch!)

    Carmencita Bar Facebook / Via Facebook: carmencitabar

    You may already know about this too, but one secret I discovered is that if this poppin, tiny brunch spot is all filled up when you come, their neighbor La Gringa serves the exact same brunch menu and may have more seating.

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