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Symptoms Of Hiatal Hernia Getting Worse-What To Do Now

A hiatal hernia is when a part of the stomach slips through the diaphragm and sticks out into the thoracic cavity. This condition can be caused by several factors like smoking and lifting of heavy things, but some people who have a hiatal hernia do not feel it, and hiatal hernia doesn't always get severe. If you think that your hiatal hernia is getting worse, though, here are the symptoms you should be looking for.

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Difficulty Breathing

Shortness of breath is when you have difficulty breathing. You start to feel like your lungs are too small and that you haven't been getting enough air. This will cause you to breathe rapidly.

Irregular Heartbeats

Your heartbeats are supposed to be uniform, and their frequency rate takes a certain length of time to increase or decrease. Your heart suddenly beating too fast or too slow is an abnormal occasion. Your heart beating at irregular intervals is also not normal.

Severe Chest Pain

Severe chest pain is when you feel like the muscles in your chest are constricting to squeeze your chest too tightly. It becomes so painful that it can make you grimace.


Heartburn is when you feel a sharp, burning pain in the lower part of your chest. It can feel like you got struck by a spear in that area of your chest.

Difficulty Swallowing

You are having this symptom when you swallow your food, and it starts to feel uncomfortable in your throat. It will feel like something is in the way of your food, or you will simply feel pain as you swallow. The discomfort or pain can cause you to decide to vomit.


The worse version of the symptom above is vomiting. The food you have eaten simply goes back up your throat, and you throw up involuntarily. It's like your body rejects the food, or something in your throat just blocked it on its way to the stomach and caused it to bounce back out of your mouth.


Your head will start feeling uncomfortable, and you will have difficulty maintaining your balance. It will feel like you have just walked off a merry-go-round that had been moving at full speed, or standing on the ground during a strong earthquake. You might feel the extreme need to sit down or lie down. At its worst, dizziness can cause you to just fall to the ground.

If you have any of these symptoms, try any of the tips below as a hiatal hernia cure. If you have all of these symptoms, go to the hospital right away.

Eat Smaller Meals

Divide your usual meals into smaller portions and eat each portion at different times. For example, if you eat breakfast at 7 am, divide your breakfast into three parts and eat the first part at 7 am. Eat the second part at 9 am and the last part at 10 am.

Don't Eat Within Two Hours Before Bedtime

You are advised to not eat within 2 hours before bedtime to lessen the chances of the food you've eaten traveling back up to your head.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Don't be obese, and don't look anorexic either. Ask your doctor about the normal weight for someone your age, gender, and height. Maintain this weight by exercising whenever you are going beyond it or increasing your food intake whenever you are falling behind.

Avoid Smoking

If you don't smoke, keep it that way. If you smoke, it is time to quit. Cigarette smoking causes loads of life-threatening diseases and worsens pre-existing health problems like a hiatal hernia.

Stay Away from Lifting Heavy Things

It's time to invest in rolling bags, rent a locker, or hire a strong assistant who can carry heavy things for you. Always use a shopping cart at the grocery store and make an employee unload the cart into the baggage compartment of your car after you shop. Let your spouse or nanny carry your kids.


The last resort for rescuing yourself from a worsening hiatal hernia is surgery. The doctors will open you up and place your innards in their proper places, fixing the internal problems that a hernia has caused in the process. If you are still not sure if your condition requires surgery, don't panic. Less than 5% of people with a hiatal hernia require surgery, and there's a high possibility that you are part of the 95%.

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