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Custom Temporary Tattoos: Phase II Of The Flash Tattoo Craze

It’s official: temporary tattoos for adults are back in fashion, and have been all the rage at music festivals, parties and tradeshows worldwide over the last year. Tattoos as an art form started in the 18th century, but didn’t gain widespread popularity until the 21st century.

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Today, many people are not ready for the commitment of a real tattoo, but have enjoyed the new trend of temporary tattoos for adults. This trend has caught on because it allows people to revisit the childhood playfulness of temporary tattoos, but the premium, metallic versions that have hit the market are fashionable and fit perfectly with the explosion of global music festivals.

While many people buy individual packs of designer flash tattoos for a vacation or night on the town, the next phase of this trend is customizing your own. Brands such as TribeTats have propelled the popularity of custom temporary tattoos, with brands such as Facebook, Uber, Maybelline and Garnier creating their own through TribeTats.

Hassle Free Tattoo Remover Pads

If jewelry tattoos are more of a weekend look for you, but don’t fit with your corporate attire, over the last year a solution has been developed - hassle free temporary tattoo remover pads. These are created with a non-oily formulation that easily take off your body art with a few quick wipes - and are also alcohol free so they don't irritate your skin. I was excited to hear this after using goopy baby oil in the past that required a bit of scrubbing.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Custom Temporary Tattoos

* Make sure you find a brand with high quality, premium adhesive

* Find a brand with perforated sheets, for easy fold-and-tear, because nobody has scissors when you are out partying!

* When applying metallic tattoos, make sure your skin is clean and dry where you are going to apply them. Avoid oily skin, or the tattoos will not last as long.

What Events Are People Making Custom Tattoos For?

While the most popular use for custom tattoos is music festivals, they are also very popular for bachelorette parties, weddings, trade shows, anniversaries, and charity events. One sponsor of the London Pride Parade ordered them to hand out at the parade. Some brands also create them to use as business cards, with a tattoo of their logo and their business information and a promotion printed on the back of the sheet. They are also fun for corporate parties – for example, Hulu created a custom sheet for their “Huluween” employee Halloween Party!

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