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The Official Fanny Pack Guide For The Festival Goer

It's that time of year again: Music festival season. All-day and all-weekend summer festivals are a blast, but they can sure take a lot out of you! With all that waiting in line in the heat, make sure you're prepared with the essentials, like MiO Energy, a liquid water enhancer. It's small enough for the fanny pack but delivers enough energy to keep you jamming wherever this festival season may take you.

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1. Sunscreen Wipes

A crucial item in your fanny pack! You don’t want to look like a burnt lobster, do you? This isn't your grandma's sunscreen either! Sunscreen wipes are way easier to apply than the lotion kind, and they aren't as messy. Make sure to apply multiple times a day! You’re definitely going to sweat in the 100 degree temperatures and mosh pits.

2. Water + MiO Energy

You will be dancing/swaying/grooving to some bands that you really like. After waiting in line for your favorite band and dancing insanely to their hour-long set, you’re going to need to recharge yourself. Carry MiO Energy with you. It’s a liquid water enhancer, so you can create an energy drink anywhere, anytime. With MiO Energy in your pocket, you'll never be without energy! Just add it into some water, and you're good to go.

3. Fan/Water Spritzer Combo


Okay, so you think this looks a little funny, huh? You’re not going to be laughing when you’re sweating your butt off under the blazing sun! Seriously, you’ll feel a lot better spraying yourself.

4. Granola Bar/Snacks


If you want to get into the pit to see your favorite band, you’re going to have to wait in line for a very, very, very long time. You will get hungry. A growl-y bear stomach is not very becoming, so pack some small granola bars. Keep it hearty and filling.

5. Foldable Sunglasses

Not only do sunglasses look cool, they protect your beautiful peepers from evil UV rays. And foldable sunglasses make everything easier to fit in your fanny pack! They're small enough to even slide in your pocket.

6. GroupMe App

A really useful app that you can use is GroupMe. After a huge concert like The Black Keys, you'll want to message a rendezvous spot to all of your friends. GroupMe makes it easy to contact everyone at once.