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The Most Surprising Things That Come In Small Sizes

It's not size that matters, my friends. Small, tiny things can make a big impact! From the smallest camera in the world to the power of the miracle fruit, we know that bigger is not always better. That's what we love about the new, portable liquid water enhancer MiO Energy. You can take it with you anywhere and have energy at anytime you please. It's like a tiny ninja in your pocket.

Miracle Fruit

Andre Torrez / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Flickr: torrez

This small, little fruit is the master of disguise. After eating the miracle fruit, the sour receptors of your mouth are rewired to taste things as sweet for an hour or so. Lemons taste like lemon candy, and other things that you wouldn't consider sweet are sweet as can be. Such a mighty force in such a small piece of fruit.

The World's Smallest Camera

Jared eberhardt / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Flickr: jaredeberhardt

This camera is as small as a grain of salt. And it may be tiny, but it has a resolution of 62,500 pixels. And while that is unimpressive in comparison to current camera phones on the market, it's amazing the clarity that can be made from this microscopic camera. It's current uses are for medical endoscopes in surgeries.

MiO Energy

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MiO Energy is a liquid drink enhancer that fits in your pocket! In its tiny package, you can have multiple energy drinks at your disposal. Many great things in this tiny package, and you can have energy wherever you need it!

A One Room Apartment With 20 Configurations

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This apartment may not be as small as the other things on this list, but it sure is a sight to behold! Gary Chang's one room studio (250 square ft) is designed to make most of the tight space. Sliding walls transform the room into 20 different configurations!

Smallest USB Stick

Emilian Robert Vic / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: free-stock

It's the smallest USB stick in the world, but it still holds up to 16 GB of data! That's enough to hold 4,000 songs.

Dog Trackers

aimee.craze / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: 43885388@N00

Dog trackers are an easy way to keep track of Fido. The collar may be slightly bulkier than a normal one, but it's still small enough to give you a big peace of mind when you need to find him.

The World's Smallest Fuel Cell


This battery is just 3 millimetres across. The creation of such a small battery has great implications in greener electronics. How do they pack all that energy in such a tiny battery?