The Most Energized Spokesmen Of Our Time

The best kind of spokesman is self-aware, but still preposterously excited about the product they are pitching. These pitchmen are memorable because of their infinite energy. With MiO Energy, you can get just as excited as these likeable guys.

1. Billy Mays

Rest in peace, dear Billy Mays. You were one of the greatest spokesmen ever. We will forever be reminded of you when we hear someone yelling in a jovial manner.

2. Thunder Dave

Thunder Dave is the new spokesman for MiO Energy, an all new energy water enhancer that you can take anywhere. He’s not your average pitchman, but that’s why we love him!

3. Vince Offer

C’mon, you totally want a Slap Chop now, right?

4. Tony Little


5. ‪Matthew Lesko

Who knew getting free money was so easy?

6. Joe Fowler

You can tell Mr. Fowler is influenced by Billy Mays. (I mean, who wouldn’t. He’s the best of the best.)

7. Susan Powter

Susan Powter gives you real talk.

8. Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons is so bubbly and happy. How can he not put a smile on your face?

9. Professor Amos


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