10 Situations Where You Could Really Use A Kick Of Energy

Hey drowsy eyes, feeling a little sleepy? Did your boss catch you nodding off in that meeting? MiO Energy is a portable liquid water enhancer that can help you put a little jump in your step. Take MiO Energy with you anywhere to feel energized at anyplace. It’s like having a tiny ninja in your pocket! Maybe if you had MiO Energy, you’d be ready for the following outrageous situations.

1. Before you start industrial dancing

2. Before playing drums like this guy.

(Start at 20 seconds in.)

3. Before making your TV debut

4. While babysitting kids

5. Before spitting out a super high-speed rap

6. Before a long drive

7. When you need to sit through long meetings

8. At a hardcore concert

9. Before you participate in the “Running Of The Bulls”

10. Running away from a swarm of bees

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