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10 Cool Places That Are Open All Hours

Think only gas stations and drug stores are the only exciting things open 24 hours? Think again! There are all kinds of unexpected and cool places that stay open at all times. With MiO Energy Liquid Water Enhancer, you'll have enough fuel to hit up all these awesome places whenever you want.

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1. Times Square

Daniel Schwen / Via

Ahh New York City. The city that never sleeps. While you might not be able to go to the Wax Museum any time you want, the lights never go out in Times Square. Same goes for all of the crazy people. They are DEFINITELY there all hours of the day.

3. The L.L. Bean flagship store

Wallstreethotrod / Via

Ever have one of those days where it's 3 AM and you need a kayak and some hiking equipment? Well, at the L.L. Bean flagship store in Freeport Maine, you can do just that. The store is open 24/7 so you can get your fill of camping gear any time you want.