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    Mar 16, 2020

    How Good At History Are You?

    These are pretty easy, hopefully you can pass.

    1. Who gave the Statue of Liberty to NY?

    2. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

    3. Who was the 16th president of the U.S?


      Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president!

    4. Speaking of Abraham Lincoln, who assassinated him?

    5. What century did the French Revolution occur?

    6. Who led the USSR in 1917?

    7. The attack of Pearl Harbor occurred what month?

    8. The iconic and historical speech "I have a dream" was spoken by...

    9. Which of these artists painted "The School of Athens"?

    10. In what year was the Wall Street crash?


      1929, also known as The Great Depression!

    11. What was the cause of World War I?

    12. Which of these people thought that the Sun was the center of the universe(Heliocentrism)?

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