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Can You Believe This Unlimited Phone Plan Is Only $30 A Month?

You can let your mom talk your ear off without running up your bill. Amazing.

We've been spending more time at home this year and, unfortunately, away from the ones we love. So naturally we've been using our phones even *more* than usual to stay in touch with family and friends, which can really run up the bill if we're not careful!

An illustration of a green fox wearing glasses sitting in a zen yoga pose with the words "If you are lonely, dim all the lights and put on a horror movie. After a while it won't feel like you're alone anymore."

Instead of fretting about possible data overages, you might want to check out Mint Mobile.

Mint SIM card with welcome packet

It's super easy to get started; even your not-so-tech-savvy parents can handle it. Mint Mobile is online-only so all you'll have to do is visit their site, select the plan that best fits your needs, and wait for your SIM card to arrive in the mail. Truly, easy as that.

A hald holding the Mint Mobile card

If saving you a ton of money on your phone bill by cutting out the crazy costs of retail stores isn’t enough, here's another difference between Mint and, ahem, the other guys: No matter which of their four data plans you choose, you'll get 5G for free.

A Mint Mobile SIM card with a tent and campfire on it

Here's a quick breakdown of the data plan options you can choose from.

They all include unlimited talk and text on the nation’s largest 5G network and they use 5G or 4G LTE, whichever is strongest.

Plan 1 for $15/mo: 3GB of high-speed data each month

Plan 2 for $20/mo: 8GB of high-speed data each month

Plan 3 for $25/mo: 12GB of high-speed data each month

Plan 4 for $30/mo: unlimited data (speeds reduce after 35GB of usage to unlimited data at 128kbps)

You can try out *any* of these plans at their 3-month introductory rate and then choose to renew it for 3, 6, or 12 months. If you choose to renew into the 12-month plan, you'll be able to lock in that same, super-affordable introductory price and forget about your phone bill for a year.

Additionally, Mint Mobile's best deal of the year is happening *right now* — when you buy any 3-month plan, you get another 3 months for FREE! That means you can get Mint Mobile's latest unlimited data plan for just $15/month for 6 months.*

*Valid on all 3-month plans. No promo code required. New customers only. Offer begins Monday, Nov. 16, and is here for a limited time.

There's also a Mint Family feature that'll make it easier than ever to keep tabs on how your entire squad is using the monthly data. You can connect up to five accounts and manage each plan through the Mint app (or online).

You can even treat yourself to a new phone while you're at it — might as well go all out with a fresh start. The best part? Mint Mobile offers 0% financing *and* free shipping!

Someone holding a phone with the Mint Mobile app up on it

Once you're all signed up, you'll be able to freely connect with your loved ones stress-free! Think of all the *virtual* things you can do!

For starters, you can video-chat them from your next pumpkin patch adventure.

The green animated fox wearing glass at a pumpkin patch

Have an *extremely* long conversation with your dad about how he might benefit from downloading that meditation app you've been trying to convince him to use since the start of this wild year.

The zen fox in front of a waterfall

Or gab to your BFF about the outrageously overrated but *so* delicious avocado toast you recreated at home from your fave brunch place.

The green fox with a fancy avocado toast

But most importantly, you can connect with the people you love most during the upcoming holiday season (which may look a little different for us all this year) and tell them *all* about your new, affordable phone plan they'll probably want to switch to as well.

The fox inside a phone wearing a Santa hat

What are you waiting for? Take a peek at Mint Mobile's phone plans before the chaos of the holiday season begins. Tell your mom we said hi.

The green fox holding up an animated phone with the words "boom" and a firecracker on it