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21 Ways Your College Theater Major Is Surprisingly Helpful In Life

'Cause all the world's a stage, right?

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1. You understand the power of a dramatic entrance and the importance of first impressions.

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2. All that stage makeup taught you how to contour better than a freaking Kardashian.

3. You absolutely kill it at karaoke night and impress everyone with your vocal skills.

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4. After years of voice and speech training you're quite the eloquent speaker.

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5. And those jazz squares come in handy on the dance floor at da club.

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6. You're used to working on a tight budget for productions so the post-grad financial struggle doesn't intimidate you.

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7. You have a knack for reading an audience which comes in handy whenever you meet someone new.

Especially during interviews and first dates.
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Especially during interviews and first dates.

8. Whether you like to admit it or not, you're a damn good liar and sometimes use that to your advantage.

White lies are for amateurs.
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White lies are for amateurs.

9. You're used to memorizing pages of lines and stage blocking so you're a very quick learner.

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10. You know how to "cheat out" during a group photo so the camera gets your good side.

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11. Being an ensemble member taught you the meaning of team spirit in group projects.

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12. Those Shakespeare monologues you dreaded now totally up your dating game when you quote a romantic line or two.

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13. You weirdly enjoy work presentations because they give you a chance to get back in the spotlight and perform.

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14. After years of constructive criticism from directors you know not to take anything your boss says too personally.


15. Your ability to entertain a crowd and command a room helps you succeed in any leadership or managerial position.

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16. All those grueling auditions taught you to thrive in competitive situations and be a good sport...

17. ...and how to deal with rejection like a champ.

18. Your incredible improvisation skills can get you out of any awkward situation...

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19. You have a deep understanding of the human condition, making you particularly compassionate and friendly.

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20. You have great people skills since you're used to dealing with an entire cast and crew of different personalities.

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21. And most importantly, having a background in theater just makes you an overall better person.

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