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    Here's What Jordan From "Holiday In The Sun" Looks Like Now And Oh My God

    Mary-Kate and Ashley sure knew how to pick 'em.

    We all remember the human perfection that captured the hearts of tweenage America back in 2001.

    Jordan was more than another Olsen twin movie boyfriend. He was the ~dreamy~ bad boy who sexually awakened your prepubescent self.

    Well, Ben Easter, the actor who played Jordan, is now even hotter than a ~holiday in the sun~.

    Ben is now a professional photographer and of course his portfolio includes flawless self-portraits that'll make you weak in the knees.

    Here he is as a legit BUILDING. A TEMPLE OF GOD.

    HELLOOOO perfect chiseled face sculpted by Zeus himself.

    Move over Agent 007, Ben Easter is here to save the day with his SEXUAL SMOLDER.

    Is "restroom" a new word for HEAVEN? Because this hunk is a god among men.

    And those piercing blue eyes. DEAR LORD. They sure put the ~SPECTACLE~ in SPECTACLES if ya know what I mean.

    Oh and can we talk about this nip slip for a sec???? CAN WE TALK ABOUT IT????????

    So thank you, Ben Easter, for being God's gift to the earth. You should've starred in ALL the Olsen twin movies.

    To see more of this hottie, follow him on Instagram!